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Introducing our 16oz Organic Unscented Yellow Beeswax Candle, a natural delight handcrafted from locally sourced yellow beeswax. Experience the purity of nature's gift with every gentle flicker. Made with care and commitment to sustainability, this candle embodies the essence of organic living.


Harnessing the air purifying properties of beeswax, our candle not only illuminates your space but also cleanses the air, leaving behind a crisp and refreshing environment. Say goodbye to artificial fragrances and embrace the subtle, natural scent of beeswax.


Each candle is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest quality and purity, free from additives and chemicals. By choosing our Organic Unscented Yellow Beeswax Candle, you're not just enhancing your living space; you're supporting local beekeepers and promoting eco-friendly practices.


Illuminate your home with the warmth of organic goodness. Try our Organic Unscented Yellow Beeswax Candle today and let nature's purity fill your space.


Burn Time 120 Hours


To prevent fire and serious injury:


Always trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting and keep debris out of wax pool. Never burn longer than 4-hour intervals. Set candle on heat-resistant surface and avoid drafts. Always burn within sight and extinguish before leaving room. Don’t burn near things that catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Don’t extinguish with water. Always let wax harden before relighting, touching or moving.

Nature's Brilliance Pure Yellow Beeswax Candle

SKU: 0000yellowbw16ozcandle
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