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How to Pick the Right Scent

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Are you a floral, spice, or earthy person?

Picking the right scent is essential! At Elk Field, we want to create the best combination to enhance your home.


“A good fragrance is really a powerful cocktail of memories and emotion.”

Jeffrey Stepakoff, The Orchard

Fragrance & Emotion

I was talking to a customer one beautiful Saturday morning. She was smelling different candle blends and asking me questions about my candle making process. She picked up a candle, smelled the wax and just stared ahead for a few moments. She started to tear up. She said that when she smelled the candle it reminded her of growing up in South Africa. It reminded her of her home. After that experience with fragrance and emotion, I never looked at candle making in the same way. It meant more, a lot more.

What a privilege to be part of that process. What is your fragrance and why?

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